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Collaborating is a Cool Craft with Sue Lacy

Posted on February 1, 2011 by Fringe Outfitters

I recently caught up with jewelry maker and metalsmith extraordinaire Sue Lacy of SueLacy Designs. I’ve mentioned Sue in a few posts before but I wanted to interview her and let you get a little closer look into some of her interests.

Greg Turner: How long have you been creating jewelry?

Sue Lacy: My first jewelry would have been around age 8 or 9.  I made flower necklaces out of clover, telephone wire rings with colorful spiral petals, and bracelets out of woven gum wrappers.  ECO-chic at an early age, don’t you think, with themes of harvest and recycling  I picked up where I left off about 10 years ago, starting with beading, wire wrapping, and then later metalsmith techniques.

GT: How long ago did you go rogue and venture out to pursue jewelry making as an entrepreneur?

SL:  I either gifted or kept all of my jewelry until the Summer of 2010.  So many of my friends and family were wearing my jewelry (or got married in my jewelry) and I certainly had enough of it myself.  I had a lot of encouragement to do this, and I finally realized it’s not a hobby; it’s what I really want to do.

GT: Where can people find you and your work?

SL: My web site is at SueLacy Designs and from there you can find out about any events or shows coming up, or find me on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Etsy.  My Twitter name is SueLacyDesigns and I’m having a lot of fun there, so please join me!  And of course, some of my work can be found at Fringe Outfitters.

SL: I’m married to a great guy and have the four most awesome daughters on the planet. I enjoy biking, kayaking, blogging, and outdoor gardening.  But don’t give me a house plant unless it can suck water out of the air or verbalize it’s needs — that’s just not a strong area for me!  I’m a Buckeye and OSU grad, and I studied metalsmith techniques at Columbus College of Art and Design.

GT: What’s your favorite place to dine?

SL: We have so many great restaurants here in Columbus.  A few of my favs are Cucos on Bethel for Mexican,  Shi chi on Sawmill for Japanese,  Nancy’s on High for home cooking.  L’Antibes in the Short North is to die for, and (yes in the same sentence) I can’t say no to Skyline chili.

GT: What’s your favorite place to visit in Columbus?

GT: What has been most thrilling about this venture?

SL:  My work was featured at The Ohio Craft Museum during Nov-Dec 2010, at their 11th annual holiday show Gifts of the Craftsmen.  That was very exciting.  I’ve also loved meeting local artists and making so many new connections in Columbus now that I’ve jumped into this venture.  Working with Fringe Outfitters has been great fun.  Columbus is becoming such a fantastic, vibrant city.  I really think it’s entering its renaissance, and I want to be part of that.

GT: Where is your favorite place to travel?

SL:  I have a daughter living in Washington, D.C., and I also never get tired of sight seeing there.  So let’s rank that first.  I took a recent trip to La Jolla, California.  It has the most amazing coastline.  Key West ranks up there, too.

GT: What are you most looking forward to when the weather breaks?

SL: I can’t wait until sundown comes at a reasonable hour.  Also a nice long bike trip on the rails-to-trails in Yellow Springs, followed by a cold beer on the deck at Ye Olde Trail Tavern, then off to all the artsy little shops in town.  Never gets old.

GT: What’s your favorite color?

SL: I’m such a color nut.  It can be mood changing, don’t you think?  To steal text from my first blog entry on SueLacy Wired, I don’t have a single favorite color.  It’s the mix that really takes my breath away.  Blue with green; sky, trees, ocean.    Individually they are pretty, but together, they are invincible.  I think that’s a good metaphor for life.

GT: Thanks for working with me.

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Posted on January 26, 2011 by Fringe Outfitters

Every time and any time I trek through Downtown Columbus I make a stop through the Neighborhood Launch. On the corner of Gay and 4th there used to be an embarrassing group of blighted parking lots. Well The Neighborhood Launch has been changing that for a few years now.

The Neighborhood is bookmarked in my Macbook. When my uncle from Chicago visits, he and I peruse through the area.  I’ve actually had the gall to take two tours of the Garden Condos.  When I’m making my way Downtown to go to an appointment, I leave early from home just to get a glimpse of this enchanting area.

Thats enough from me. Take a look for yourself.

The details executed in this community is simply great. The brick paired with iron, fountains, treelined streets, hidden garages, patio and porch areas are all great perks to this area. This is without mention of the interior quality.

It is rare to get spoiled by all these comforts in the 43215 area code. However it’s refreshing to find such great craftwork in the central area. I hope to someday get spoiled by The Neighborhood Launch.

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The Idea Foundry: A Trust of Creatives

Posted on January 25, 2011 by Fringe Outfitters

Saturday evening I attended The Columbus Idea Foundry‘s open house at 1158 Corrugated Way here in Columbus. Laughter. Smiles. Art. Fun. Raffle. Wine. Cheese. All perfect elements needed to provide a backdrop for creativity.  I snapped a few photos of art that yelled at me.  I was specifically intrigued with the works of Allison Meade and Mark Rosen.

My favorite piece of the night was by Allison Meade. It reads: “For every rat that you see there are XXX you don’t”.  This gave me a feel of the films The Departed and Wall Street. {pictured below}

My second favorite were these Chuck Taylor’s sculpted by Mark Rosen. I love how detailed the sculpture is. Great execution paired with Converse’s classic style shoe.

A few of these other pieces were amongst my favorite as well:

I’m going to email Allison and Mark to tell them about the great workmanship they execute. I also hope to purchase their amazing work someday. Please email them something encouraging and patronize the creative spirit of Ohio.

Allison Meade: email-

Mark Rosen: email-

The Columbus Idea Foundry: email- call- 614-299-4332

The Columbus Idea Foundry provides a great shared and creative space for artists who would otherwise have limits on accessing machinery and tools. Visit them, donate to the cause and support Ohio artists.

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Stand Out from the Crowd: My First Panel Discussion as an Entrepreneur

Posted on January 24, 2011 by Fringe Outfitters

Tuesday January 25, 2011, I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Athletic Club of Columbus.

{From the Young Professionals of Columbus Facebook Fan page}

Continuing the Young Professionals of Columbus Series

Columbus is full of entrepreneurial spirit. New businesses are starting up literally every day, but as with any new venture success can be determined by how you stand out from the crowd.

Columbus’ entrepreneurs are among the best in the nation when it comes to bringing a unique approach to marketing or branding their new business. As part of our ongoing series, whYP Entrepreneurialism in Columbus, Young Professionals of Columbus will host a round table discussion featuring local entrepreneurs who have taken a somewhat traditional business idea and turned it on its head.

YPC invites the central Ohio community to join in the discussion that will feature:

Networking will begin at 5:00 p.m., and the roundtable discussion will be held from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Valet parking is available at the ACC. For directions and additional information about the ACC, visit

This event is FREE for YPC members and $3 for non-members.

We strongly encourage any other local entrepreneurs or those considering starting a new venture to attend and participate in the roundtable, and most importantly, highlight Columbus as active with people taking on new endeavors.

Questions contact Dace de la Foret at or visit

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Thriving Small Business in Columbus: Notes

Posted on January 17, 2011 by Fringe Outfitters

A few (rambling) thoughts on the Thriving Small Business in Columbus panel discussion I attended January 6, 2011.

Thursday I had the pleasure to be in the same room with many of Columbus’ best known entrepreneurs. Among them on the panel was Josh Quinn, Amy Brennick, John Lowe, Dan Moning, and Adam Brouilette. They represent Tigertree (Josh), Betty’s Family of Restaurants (Amy), Jeni’s Ice Cream (John), Paradise Garage (Dan) and littleINDUSTRIES and the Wonderland Project (Adam).

Shockingly none of these five are native to Columbus. In fact all five of these panelists are transplants. The term loosely used to define non-natives of a city. After realizing that the panel consisted of transplants more fuel got added as inspiration.  I thought to myself  ”if these business owners can come to a place foreign (in a sense) to them, why can’t Columbus or even Ohio natives such as myself see the potential this city holds? Part of what makes a city unique is the pride its residents speak and carry out.  It’s a vibrance that everyone wants to be apart of but few want to create. That voice and vibrance may sometimes be best from a native. But as we see with the panel that is not the case.

Gentrification, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility seem to be the three major tenants the panel harped on. Gentrification can be good and bad but what is most important is “that we have a social responsibility to the community in which the business operates”. Whether it is encouraging neighbors to walk and bike as Jeni’s Ice Cream does, or repurposing items as Tigertree does with their cool and trendy book belt buckles the panelists went on and on about how they give to the Short North and other neighborhoods. In fact Betty’s Family of Restaurants has committed itself to reducing waste to the extent that the company has partnered with Eartha Limited. Even prior to that partnership Amy spoke about how she and employees would haul recyclables and take them to a specific area because it was most eco-friendly.  Amy said that Betty’s Family of Restaurants felt socially responsible because the customers expected it. Betty’s is dedicated to its employees by offering 160 staff members with health care, which to me is very commendable for a locally based restaurant business.

It’s this model of social responsibility in entrepreneurship that appeals to me.

Jeni’s has also recently reclaimed a warehouse in the Harrison West area. That reclamation has preserved our cities architecture, saved a historic building that could’ve been demolished and the list continues on.

I learned that essentially it’s important to look at ways in bettering a community and being aware of the impact a small business may have on residents and neighbors.  This basic care of social responsibility tends to get lost when we travel miles to get a bargain at the big box stores.

After hearing the thoughts and expertise of this panel, I pledge to grow Fringe Outfitters  in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Keeping the residents in mind.  Caring for their interests. Being a respecter of a neighborhoods history. Furthermore, I’ll continue to keep artists and creatives in mind when I collaborate to take Fringe Outfitters to the next level.

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Posted on January 1, 2011 by Fringe Outfitters

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you prosperity and success. Thank you for your support this year with the launch of Fringe Outfitters. I met some great people, lived through some awesome experiences, listened to some new genres of music, and laughed with some amazing friends.  I’d like to recap some important things that lead to the development of Fringe Outfitters:

designed screen prints and Paid it Forward with Brandon and Brian

had an interview with the fine folks at The Metroprenuer

took notes from the Creative Class

transferred my ideas of Fringe Outfitters from paper to an online clothing boutique.

The year 2010 was one of struggle and fulfillment. My goals would have been impossible to achieve with out going through the peak and valley experiences. Those up and down encounters made this year very turbulent.  If I could summarize 2010 it was one of progress.  To keep momentum going I am striving for one word in 2011: achievement.

With the progress of 2010 and the momentum to achieve I have amazing things lined up for Columbus & Fringe Outfitters. I hope you visit back often to check for updates.

THANK YOU for supporting the launch of Fringe Outfitters!

Posted on December 21, 2010 by Fringe Outfitters

Check out these phenomenal photos by friend Rachel Baransi. The Fringe Outfitters launch party was amazing and one of my proudest milestones in life. 90+ people attended, I made some great sales, received great feedback in the suggestion box and raffled off a CBUS retro shirt, SueLacy Designs bracelet and Women’s Slouch. Check out these photos below:

There are many more photos here. A short video below:

I’d like to thank the following friends, mentors and volunteers: Andy Malone, Pat Groseck, Libby and George Kalbouss, Steve Goslin, Cammy Strickler, Adrienne Williams, Manfred Mecoy, Kyra Kirkling, Dionna Baker, Rachel Baransi, Jon Myers, Suzi West, Anthony Codispoti, Wolf Starr, Walker Evans, Melanie McIntyre, Adam Slane, my family and the Columbus and online community.

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Posted on December 18, 2010 by Fringe Outfitters

As an alum of Eastmoor Academy and proud product of Columbus Public Schools, I thought it fitting to allow students of the school district an ability to see a young business in its infancy and give them an opportunity to design and create. I was fortunate to design with two specific students; Brandon Brown and Brian Watts. These two young men from Fort Hayes Metropolitan High School’s design and print program are very passionate about designing and always produce some inspiring work.

I recently caught up with these dudes and asked a few questions:

Brian Watts (Northland High School Senior and Ft Hayes design career student)

Greg Turner: At what age do you remember your earliest sketch? And what was it?

Brian Watts: I remember my earliest sketch to be at the age of 10, I was drawing a cruise ship for a flag that my fifth grade class would be using for field day.

GT: What was your first video game console?

BW: My first video game console was a Sega Genisis, I specifically remember having a game entitled “McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure” as well as “Sonic The Hedgehog”

GT: What interested you into the graphic design program at Ft Hayes? Do you see yourself going to college for graphic design?

BW: I have always paid close attention to brand logos and advertising, I thought Graphic Design would be something I could enjoy as a career. I do believe that I could major in while at college.

GT: Who is your favorite musician or band?

BW: I like all types of music but right now I am greatly inspired by the words of local rappers L.eForTheUncool, P.Blackk, and rap group Fly.Union.

GT: In what other ways do you express your artistic abilities?

BW: I like to skateboard as well as design and that is what my life consists of really. Music, graphic design and skating are the things that keep me motivated.

Brandon Brown (Westerville South Junior and Ft Hayes Design student) [Pictured Left]

Greg Turner: At what age do you remember your earliest sketch? And what was it?

Brandon Brown: I think my earliest sketch was in 2nd grade. I still remember it pretty well, I was in class and we had to draw something and we posted them on the wall. I drew an alien inside a spaceship. It kind of looks like the aliens from the show The Simpsons.

GT: What was your first video game console?

BB: My first video game console was probably the nintendo 64. My brother and I each got one. I remember playing super nintendo but I dont think it was mine.

[Me and Brandon collaborated on these button designs]

GT: What interested you into the graphic design program at Ft Hayes? Do you see yourself going to college for graphic design?

BB: Well I knew I wanted to do something with art, and I’ve already taken all the drawing classes that was offered at my high school, so I knew I had to get additional technology skills. So I decided to learn to illustrate my drawings. This is why I chose to attend Ft. Hayes’ design program.

I think this will help me get admitted into design school, with some design skills. Im not sure if I want to go to college for graphic design. I am currently leading toward media arts & animation.

GT: Who is your favorite musician or band?

BB: I don’t have one favorite artist. I listen to many different music genres. I do like a few bands and rappers. They include; Kings of Leon, Kid Cuddi, Jody Breeze, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Tech N9ne, amongst some others.

GT: In what other ways do you express your artistic abilities?

BB: I like to write rhymes or life quotes and post them on facebook. I like to wear corresponding colors and match a lot. My clothing style has something to do with my artistic expression. I like to get my clothing from Forever 21 and Express.

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The Metropreneur story on Fringe Outfitters

Posted on December 15, 2010 by Fringe Outfitters

Viewers and Friends I hope you enjoy this article about who I’m working with, the struggle to begin this business and the December 19, 2010 launch party. [click the image]

Retweet to your friends, like the page and visit often.

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Success is Failure: Turned Inside Out

Posted on December 7, 2010 by Fringe Outfitters

I received the below image today from a friend by way of email:

(You need to maintain your confidence to recognize the 1% that makes a difference).

While in college I would frequently revisit the poem “Don’t Quit”.  The poem has this line in it that states “success is failure turned inside out.”  That statement rings truer in my conscious and resounds louder in my ear as I continue to pursue the unthinkable with Fringe Outfitters.  Most of the Columbus community and even people outside of Central Ohio have been very supportive of this business venture. I can most certainly thank them for allowing me to believe in my 1%.

I’m sure you know I’m an advocate for the city in which some call “The C’bus” or Columbus. I let that pride show to my friends from D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Yes I often lose arguments to my friends about the lack of vibrancy Columbus holds, the inspiration it often fails to give to the young, and of course the fact that the nightlife and business environment could be better.  But what most of my friends see in Columbus and even the State of Ohio is mediocrity and farm-ville Midwest. I however see as an ability to master and dominate an untapped market.

To help me explain this further I’ll try to summarize some words and thoughts by Aaron Renn, the Urbanophile, as he spoke to an audience at the Columbus Metropolitan Club for the Harrison Smith Award reception.

Renn mentioned, “that in order to keep Columbus competitive, we as young and new graduates must force ourselves in the conversation, set a higher bar, be willing to take risks by being in one of the places to be.  The place to be different is (Columbus). Be in a place to build a reputation. Or in a city which forces you to do something that isn’t easy. By doing this we can attract cool people and cool businesses.  Cool businesses and cool people is equivalent to human capital.  Human capital allow a city to nurture big dreamers and big thinkers.  This allows Columbus to set a new agenda.”

The big thinkers, cool businesses and cool people that Renn speak of is the 1% that the image above speaks to in my heart.  It’s the people that see Columbus and other Ohio cities as a home to nurture what he called the “Talent Dividend”.

The Talent Dividend, according to Renn is the amount of our college educated population and how many of them we are able to attract. Columbus has a Talent Dividend of about 33% and D.C., the city with the highest amount of Talent Dividend per capita has a population of about 47.3%.  This Talent Dividend is very attractive to be around, I agree, and that is often why I don’t disagree with Ohio’s native opponents.  But what I see in Columbus is its potential. It will be what the steel empire was to the Carnegie Dynasty in Pittsburgh. As Renn said, cities like Chicago and Cincinnati have seen their peaks. But Columbus usually the smaller of the big three C’s of Ohio has yet to see its peak although it is close.

Will you be around for Columbus’ peak or will you completely miss the excitement that early developers of a young city feel?

Please stop by the Columbus Metropolitan Club’s webpage. Also view the Harrison Smith Award reception video with speaker Aaron Renn to watch the Urbanophile speak about Columbus.  Be sure to check him out on the links provided above to read his blog and follow him on twitter.

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