Desk-ercise : Your 15 minute lunchtime exercise menu

Desk-ercise : Your 15 minute lunchtime exercise menu
Desk-ercise is designed to show you that even in the office you''re able to workout. Before you embark, just check with the boss that it''s ok to start using the furniture to your exercise advantage!
As with any type of exercise programme, you should consult your doctor before undertaking physical activity.

Warm Up - 5 mins

Gradually increase the intensity of these exercises i.e. start slowly and gradually put in more effort.

Marching on the spot
(2 mins)

Side steps and hamstring curls (1½ mins)

2 steps to the left then hamstring curl* with your right leg, then 2 steps to the right then hamstring curl* with your left leg. Repeat.
* lift your heel to try and kick your bottom.

Ski jumps (1½ mins)

Keep your feet parallel, slightly apart. Jumping on the spot, first kick your heels out to the right, then to the left. Repeat. Remember to bend your knees as you land.

Main section - 6 mins

Desk dips (1 min)

Ensure your desk is capable of safely taking your weight. Clear a space in front of you. With your back towards the desk, grip the desk edge with both hands. Ensure your feet are together, with your legs slightly bent. Putting your strength in your arms, lower your body downwards until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Then raise yourself up again and repeat.

Walking (3 mins)

Calf raises (1 min)

Feet parallel, hip width apart, keep looking forward straight ahead, keeping your body straight, rise up onto tip toes, then let your heels return to the floor. Repeat.

Squats (1 min)

Ensure your back''s straight and feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees (remember not to let your knees come in front of your toes), bottom moving towards the floor. Once your thigh is at a right angle to the floor come back up. Repeat. Should you find it hard keeping your back straight, try using the wall to lean against.

Cool Down - 4 mins

Walk around the office block in the fresh air.

Congratulations - it''s now time for your sandwich!

Quick Tips

If desk-ercise sounds too energetic, then why not try the following to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst at work:
  • Use the stairs - not the lift
  • Drink water - not caffeine
  • Eat a piece of fruit rather than a chocolate bar
  • Visit your colleague in the next office rather than phone
  • Join a health club to help you wind down after a stressful day in the office