Considerate Handling of Animals in Transit

Considerate Handling of Animals in Transit


Animal Welfare coursesfungalor

This duration of this course is normally around 6 hours and has both classroom and practical sessions. It covers the following points:-izületi gyulladás kezelése

Welfare definition
Qualities of an effective stockperson
Animal behaviour
Space allowances
Vehicle inspection check list
Unfit animals

Considerate Handling of Animals at Market

This course is aimed at inexperienced or part-time drovers and has both classroom and practical sessions handling cattle, sheep and pigs in the market pens.

The following points are covered in the course:-

Unfit animals
The Law
Stocking densities
Feeding and Watering
Health and Safety

Sheep courses

Lambing Techniques is a one day course for anyone who is going to be involved in lambing and has some experience in handling ewes. It covers preparation for lambing, recognition of when ewes are about to lamb, signs of normal and abnormal labour and simple malpresentations and how to correct them. Course members will also learn when they must call in veterinary assistance and how to care for newly born lambs and ewes immediately after lambing.

Lamb Hypothermia is a ½ day course to help trainees identify the causes of hypothermia in newborn lambs, as well as methods of prevention and techniques for detection and resuscitation of hypothermic lambs.

Maintaining Health in Recently Lambed Ewes and Maintaining Health in Young Lambs are two ½ day separate courses.

Post Mortem Technique and Resuscitation of Lambs is a 4 hour course which enable trainees to identify the common abnormalities exhibited in a lamb carcass and understand the importance of taking the correct action quickly.

Lameness in Sheep and Footparing and use of a Footbath

Safe use of Sheep Dip – training only

Condition Scoring of Breeding Sheep

Assessing the Breeding Fitness of Rams

Sheep Shearing

This 2 day course helps trainees to develop the skills of shearing and is designed for people with relatively little experience of machine sheep shearing. The course includes assessment and those reaching an appropriate standard can attain the blue for bronze seals issues by the British Wool Marketing Board.

Sheep Dog Handling

This course is designed for persons who regularly work with sheep and want to train their own dog so that, on their command by voice or whistle it will handle, restrain and move sheep.

Cattle courses

There are ½ day courses covering Oestrus Detection, Improving Oestrus Detection, Improving Conception Rates, Getting Cows in Calf , Preparation for Calving and Calf Health.


This is a 4 hour course covering examination of the cow when she is close to calving, the identification of abnormal presentations and the application of traction. Trainees learn how to undertake care to the newborn calf and cow immediately after calving.

Cattle Hoof Trimming

The course highlights the basic causes of lameness and the importance of preventative foot trimming. A practical session is also involved.

Dairy Hygiene

Courses run include Meeting the Demands for Milk Hygiene, Developing a Dairy Herd Health Programme, Managing Mastitis Control and Milking Machine Maintenance and Efficiency.